While we break down our building construction services into phases of work, at Strong Contributors we are well known for our building construction projects which we perfectly execute, from domestic housing construction, commercial property development, public facilities construction such as schools and clinics, civil construction projects and public works.

Our building construction services are categorized into three phases which are:

Pre-Construction:  In pre-construction we exercise full project control capabilities and management systems which include estimating, fast track coordination, and manpower planning

Construction: In the construction phase that’s where we execute the planned job by implementing all the relevant technicalities as pointed out in the pre-construction process. We execute the entire construction project from sourcing out construction materials, laying out the foundation and evaluation and monitoring of the whole process till the completion of the entire project.

Post Construction: When everything about your project is said and done, we involve ourselves in assembling the appropriate information and producing project closeout procedures. We will coordinate the final closeout to include final punch lists, maintenance and operation instructions, necessary approvals, and other relevant documentation with regards to the completed project.